Review: Sportsheets Hog Tie & Cuff Set

I was faintly aware of my legs being moved…folded up toward my back. The words “Give me your hands,” floated in the air, but I was still drowsy with sleep. I was lying on my stomach which made my partner’s efforts much easier. Realization dawned and I was instantly awake. Eyes open wide; I discovered that I was being hog tied.

I spoke into the dark, “Now that you have me naked and immobile, what are you going to do?” Exercising complete control over me is one of his favorite fantasies. Adding the element of surprise by waking me in the middle of the night created a sexual urgency that had my heart racing.

Soon, I’m in an uncharted realm of desire as I feel his hands moving over me, exploring, loving and teasing. A hand tightens into my hair, tugging gently until I feel his lips on my ears. Kisses turn to words of passion as I pull helplessly against my restraints.

(hog tie erotic story by Sportsheets)

Packaging: the Sportsheets Hog Tie and Cuff Set comes in a sturdy  black cardboard box. It has three product images which all feature one woman who is modelling the hog tie cuff set. The Sportsheets logo along with their slogan (keeping couples connected) in gold appears on most of the sides. On the back is the all trussed up erotic story (see above). The materials are also listed and their ‘limited lifetime warranty’ is mentioned.

The box could be used to store the hog tie cuff set as it’s made of sturdy cardboard. However, there is extra space which could be a problem for those who don’t have much sex toy store space.


Appearance/Materials: the set includes four cuffs and metal ring connector. The ankle and wrist restraints are made from velboa, a faux fur fabric that is tough-wearing. The cuffs are covered in a webbed fabric (either polypropylene webbing or nylon webbing), which secures the metal rings.  The cuffs are fastened with velcro.

Length (cuff material only) 9.5 inches
Length (including strap) 15 inches
Cuff diameter 2 inches
Strap diameter 1 inch

All four cuffs are the same.


Use/Experience: The idea of bondage is to keep someone bound. However, the hog tie set fails spectacularly. The main problem is the person being restrained can untie themselves either by the closures or by taking off the cuffs by undoing the velcro fasteners. Either way it is easy to get out of these.

The cuffs are fairly strong, you can pull against them and they will take light force. They aren’t designed as real bondage items, as just the feeling of bondage. The quality of the finish is below standard, it is easy to tell it is a mass-produced product where care simply isn’t taken.


Care/Maintenance: Sportsheets felt it was more important to have three product photos (including one taking up an entire side) and an erotic story rather than instructions on how to care for their product. As there were no washing instructions I just guessed and washed the set by hand. So far they have held up well but only time will tell.


Conclusion: The hog tie set by Sportsheets is a bondage item which doesn’t actually bound. There are no care instructions and the quality of the cuffs are low. If you are looking for a hog tie set that is simply for show then this could work for you – just make sure you get it at a good price!  However, if you are looking for high quality bondage which actually works then you will be severely disappointed.


  • Contains a complete set
  • Cuffs can be used elsewhere


  • Bondage product which is easy to escape from
  • Low quality finish
  • Not worth the rrp
  • No care instructions