Review: Picobong Mahana

Picobong is a brand designed by Lelo which features some of their popular toys and new ones but with less functions/features and a lower price tag. It tries to be ‘cool’ by using surfing or stereotypical Californian people and names like Ako and Honi.


Packaging: Mahana comes in a cardboard box with a clear window on the front. Inside you can see the Mahana and a die they include which features the images of six of their products. There are no numbers so it can’t be used as a die unless you agree on which products mean which numbers and can remember them, it is all appearance and no real function. On the back there is advertising information along with the company logo/slogan. Inside the box there is also an instruction booklet which also serves as a year warranty. The colour of the box depends on the colour of your Mahana.


Appearance/Materials: Picobong designed the Mahana to be colourful and fresh. The curved part is made from ABS plastic and has a shine to it. The two ends are made from silicone. It is FDA approved which means food grade. Under the silicone is plastic so it is completely firm with no give to it.

The silicone does not have any taste or odour. It doesn’t drag and doesn’t attract fluff/lint like some silicone products are prone to do.

The colours available are black, turquoise and bright pink. The turquoise is my favourite and I wish that Picobong used it for all of their products.


Length: 4.75″ 4.5
Circumference: 3.5″ 3.25
Diameter: 1″


Controls/Functions/Volume: The Mahana has two motors which can be controlled independently from the push buttons. Each side is unscrewed to replace the batteries. The vibrations have to be turned on before inserting. To change the settings it has be removed, changed and then inserted again.

There are 12 vibration settings, however, they are all relatively weak. To turn on press the + for a couple of seconds.  To get to the first set of  patterns just press the + button. To get to the next set which are pulse and escalation you need to hold the + button down for a couple of seconds. To go back to the first set press the – button. To turn off hold the – button. Below is an image which illustrates the patterns and intensity. Please click to enlarge.



As for noise, Mahana is one of the quietest vibrators I have tried and is just as quiet as most of the Lelo range. The Mahana can hardly be heard in the same room and certainly not in the next room even on the higher settings. If you are worried then put some low to moderate volume music on and it will easily cover any noise it will make. However, the vibrations are weak in this toy.

Mahana  is powered by 2 x AAA batteries.

Use/Experience: The Mahana is a c-shaped vibrator for internal vaginal and external stimulation. It is designed to stimulate the g-spot and clitoris, this is doesn’t do for me. It goes straight past my g-spot and clitoris. It could have been used during penetration but this just wearing it is uncomfortable and at times painful for me. However, it can also be used for vaginal and anal use as the plastic part acts as a base – make sure you don’t switch sides. In addition it works ok around a penis.


Care/Maintenance: The Mahana is waterproof when the silicone and plastic parts are tightly together. There is a sharp  seam between then which can harbour bacteria. Make sure that this part is cleaned properly. After use wash in warm water and mild soap. Use a squirt of toy cleaner for extra peace of mind. Store away from other toys and take the battery out after each use.


Conclusion: The Mahana is marketed as a ‘couples toy which can be used during sex’, this it is not. The vibrations can’t be felt very much during use, the buttons are annoying and it is uncomfortable bordering on painful. It works ok as a twin bullet vibrator, the tip provides pin point stimulation, however I have much better vibrators than this for that use. Lelo, stick to quality, functional and effective toys – not this Picobong crap.


  • Quiet
  • Functions
  • Good amount of power
  • Waterproof


  • Uncomfortable, bordering on painful
  • Weak vibrations
  • Buttons are hard to press
  • Seam harbours bacteria
  • Gender specific colours
  • No mention of any other sexual orientation, personal preferences or relationship types
  • Doesn’t work