Review: Je Joue Mio

Je Joue originally had two toys the SaSi (clitoral) and the G-Ki (adjustable). They have since expanded their products and redesigned their website to give a new look to the brand. Products now include FiFi (rabbit), MiMi (clitoral), Uma (insertable ), Ami (kegel set) and Mio (cock ring). All of the products apart from Ami have vibrations. This review is for the Mio.

Packaging: The new website now matches the packaging which adds to the luxury feel and really brings everything together. Useful product information and symbols are displayed on the outer packaging. This is very helpful to read at a glance and if you dont know much about the product, e.g. a gift.
Inside the outer packaging there is a sturdy cardboard box with Je Joue on the top. Inside this is the Mio to one side and to the other you will find the instructions and charger.

Appearance/Materials: Mio is made from 100% FDA-approved silicone which is not only body safe it is also velvety soft all the way around. Some cock rings have seams which are not only uncomfortable during use but are also hard to clean properly. The Mio is completely smooth all the way around. The material is free from odours and doesnt leave any nasty tastes.

From some of the angles which the Mio is photographed from it makes the motor look rather bulky. However for a rechargeable cock ring it is actually quite compacted. On the motor there is the Je Joue company name and logo which is the two S shapes to form the heart. The controls double up as the charging port through magnetism.

Available in purple or black.

Controls/Functions/Noise: To charge the Mio just hold the charger over the controls and you should feel a pulling, if this is the case then let go and the charger will stay on the control buttons due to the magnetism. Je Joue has made it really easy to know which the magnetism attracts/repels, just line up the logo on the with the logo on the charger. If these are both the same way it will attract.

When the Mio is charging an led on the plug flashes green and glows when it has finished. To stop charging hold the charger at the purple plastic part with the logo on and pull it away from the controls. It doesnt take much of a pull but make sure to hold the plastic part rather than the wire as it can damage it.

When in use you find the heart logo is actually a red led, this is helpful to know when it is on and to see slightly better in the dark as it is near the controls. As it is a very small led it isnt distracting either.

Mio has 3 controls, the plus (+), the minus (-) and the function, this is the button between these that is shaped like (~), it isnt raised unlike the other two so it isnt as obvious that it is a button.
To turn on, press and hold the plus (+), after a few seconds the vibrations will start. The red led will also come on.
The turn off press and hold the minus (-), after a few seconds the vibrations will stop and the red led will turn off.

When the vibrations first start they are always on the first vibration setting, no matter what it is on setting when it is turned off. To increase the vibrations press the plus (+), there are 5 continuous vibration modes which start at a low rumble  and work up to more buzzy but also more powerful. To decrease the vibrations press the minus button (-).

There are 5 different patterns activated by pressing the pattern/function button (~). The intensity of the patterns can be increased or decreased using the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons.

The ring is also quiet even on the higher settings.

Use/Experience: The ring is considerably stretchy and easy to get on. I suggest using water-based lubricant to slide the ring in place with ease. I did find that sometimes his hairs would get trapped underneath and pull this was lessened when lubricant was used.

As the ring is stretchy it will comfortably fit a wide range of sizes. The ring holds its position when stretched around something but retains its original shape when there is no expanding. This really shows a quality ring, as those made from lesser amounts of silicone or other materials are more likely to stretch and sometimes rip but not as likely to retain their shape.

Cock rings are actually versatile toys, they are marketed at female/male couples but this doesnt need to be the case. They can be used on non-vibrating toys such as silicone and glass. They will fit most toys but not so much ones which are very wide. This means they can be used solo for both men and women and also as part of a male/male and female/female coupling. Alternatively they can be used with other partners if you are poly.

My male partner really likes the vibration sensations which it gives and just how powerful it is in comparison to other rings. It also keeps him harder for longer, not that he usually has much of a problem when stimulate, and it makes him orgasm quicker than without the ring.

At first glance this ring doesnt seem that different to any other but when you read the specs you can see that it is certainly a quality ring. What I really like is how much thought has gone in to it, especially with the details. For example the led in the logo, the logo on the controller, the buttons and charging. The only problem I have found is that the buttons can be quite hard to press and when you hold it down it leaves a slight indentation which quickly fades. But this is due to the buttons being metal so that they work with the magnetic charger.

The only issues I have with cock rings is that I usually need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, if used with a toy I generally thrust less and keep the ring teasing and stimulating my clitoris. But during penetrative sex this isnt particularly fair for him and so it doesnt stimulate my clitoris much. That being said, I dont need to orgasm to enjoy sex but it does seem to make it that bit sweeter.

Cleaning/Maintenance: The Mio is waterproof which is certainly something you usually do not find in rechargeable cock rings. I have tested this in the shower, bath and during cleaning and I am happy to report the ring works perfectly.

To clean the ring I washed it with mild soap and warm water and then rinsed under the tap. I patted dry with cloth. The material does collection dust/fluff/lint but not as bad as other silicone products. There is no storage bag provided but I keep mine in a spare one. You could do this or keep it in a small pouch or plastic bag.

The ring is 100% silicone which means you can also sterilise and share it. More information on this found in my material guide.

Conclusion: The Mio is another one of Je Joues successes it has quality, form and function. Since the Mio I havent used any of my other cock rings as this does everything they did and more. The only faults I have are small and significantly outweighed by the positives.


  • Material
  • Quality
  • Waterproof
  • Functions
  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Can be sterilised
  • Rechargeable
  • Different colours
  • Cannot feel the seam
  • Stretches but retains shape
  • Versatile
  • Helpful and nice details


  • Collects fluff/dust/lint (but not as bad as some)
  • Doesnt have a storage bag